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Lynetteholmen - proposal from Summer 2019

Lynetteholmen - proposal from Summer 2019



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Lynetteholm is an island planned to be established in the Port of Copenhagen to provide climate change protection, place for surplus soil from construction works and, on the longer term, area for urban development. 

The Danish Government and the Municipality of Copenhagen agreed in October 2018 to establish Lynetteholm, a new major island in the Port of Copenhagen.

The purpose of Lynetteholm is to provide protection against climate changes, depot for surplus soil from construction work, area for urban development that will reduce the pressure in Copenhagen on population development and property prices, and provide financing for public infrastructure in terms of metro to the area and an eastern orbital road connecting from Nordhavn over Lynetteholm to Refshaleøen.

The project is developed by Copenhagen City & Port Development. Ramboll is assisting Copenhagen City & Port Development to establish Lynetteholm through environmental investigations, including Environmental Impact Assessments and application for environmental approvals.

“The project aims to help protect against climate change via surge protection, provide a place for surplus soil from construction work, and develop a new district in the city of Copenhagen – and it poses significant environmental challenges related to polluted soil deposition and use of the area by port users and nearby residents,” says Hans Vasehus, Port Master and Technical Director, CPH City & Port Development. “These challenges require careful planning to ensure that the project is undertaken within acceptable environmental impacts.”


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