Guldberg Byplads, public space in Copenhagen


Jan Villumsen

Landscape Architect MAA MDL and Project Manager
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Close to the city centre of Copenhagen, Ramboll has designed and realised a square, Guldberg Byplads.

Ramboll has been involved in the entire process, from the first traffic plans to the final architectural design and realisation. After a period of four years Guldberg Byplads was completed, and it is now an attractive public space which will be of great value to both the local residents and school children.

From street to square

Earlier the area where Guldberg Byplads is now located was crowded with cars and traffic. Now, after the inauguration of Guldberg Byplads, the area is filled with people resting, school children playing, and bicycles passing by while community events take place.

All these new activities prove that Guldberg Byplads has achieved its goal, transforming this specific spot in Copenhagen from being a hectic transit space into an attractive square where one can rest, play and move easily. At the same time it has been possible to create better and safer conditions for school children going to the school next to the square.

Several special design solutions developed

Special design solutions have been developed during this project. For instance a distinctive concrete bench with a pattern on the seating surface shows a map of the local area, Nørrebro. Also corten tree grids with patterns showing twigs and leaves have been created together with a diverse granite pavement, which brings together the many historic buildings around the square.


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