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Johan Brandstrup Fegar

Johan Brandstrup Fegar

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When a long-term subsupplier of Grundfos, who delivered electric motors to their submersible pumps in the USA, suddenly became a competitor by acquiring a small pump factory, Grundfos decided to realise a long-standing desire of the founders – a production facility in Mexico. The new factory forms an important part of the growth strategy for the North American market of Grundfos, one of the world's leading pump manufacturers. Ramboll was assigned as General Planner on the project.

Social Commitment

A combination of social and competitive considerations influenced Grundfos in their decision to place their new pump factory in the city of San Luis Potosi. Here, water is scarce, treated water is commercially reused for industrial production, and the population is known for its friendliness.

By placing the new production facility in San Luis Potosi, Grundfos helped pushing development further south to a city historically known in Mexico for its high level of education and friendly people. The positive approach from the city was a key element in Grundfos’ final decision to place their production facility in San Luis Potosi.

"Placing their new factory in a city with limited access to clean water was a unique possibility for Grundfos to expose their solutions within the water industry. The focus on Grundfos and their corporate values was strengthened even more when the Danish Queen Margrethe II inaugurated the facility," adds Project Manager Steen Børsting Petersen.

Ramboll’s Tailor-made General Planner Concept

As General Planner, Ramboll was fully responsible to Grundfos for all performed services comprising design, project and construction management of the whole facility, including structural and civil works and mechanical and electrical installations as well as utility lines to and from the plot. All architectural works were carried out in close cooperation with the Grundfos Group Architects Office.

Ramboll has developed a General Planner concept that ensures a top quality result from A to Z, from purchase of the plot to the final handover of the completed production facility. The concept is tailor-made for industrial companies planning to build production facilities worldwide. It carefully guides the client through the planning of the building project. Ramboll takes charge of the entire process from the start of the planning until the completed building is handed over and, within the agreed time and budget, leaves the client with a modern production facility of Western European standard that also reflects our renowned Scandinavian sense of quality and good design.

Ramboll was awarded the General Planner Contract even though another large Danish engineering company was invited to bid for the project and offered a lower price.

The master plan for the project allows for a tripling of the production areas on the site.

Gross floor area: 19,750 sq.m.

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