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Jesper Larsen

Jesper Larsen

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There is a need to examine the flow at the stations, buildings and terminals with social distancing in effect or while planning for the future.

Smart design of stations, terminals and buildings is vital for them to function as intended. Flow simulation and crowd management are key tools to investigate, design and improve the passenger flow and test what works before implementation.


How can you optimize the flow in your station, building or terminal with highest benefit?


Flow simulations

Flow simulations are used to foresee where there will be bottlenecks for the flow, how to improve them and what impact changes in the design will have on the flow in the facility.

We use flow simulations to evaluate and optimize the flow in the facility including capacity of the escalators, stairs and elevators with and with out social distancing.


Crowd management

Crowd management is a set of essential, but simple tools and concepts to optimize the flow without reconstructing the station or building.

We can use our high expertise to advice on how to implement simple measures to manage the crowd more efficiently without reconstructing the entire facility.


With flow simulations & crowd management we can

  • Visualize the flow of all individual people through the building
  • Test solutions and their efficiency against selected design criteria before proceeding with the actual design.
  • Optimize the flow by changing the station design or implement small changes like passenger guidance or other crowd management measures with or without social distancing.
  • Calculate and optimize walking times, transfer times and boarding times to improve the functionality of the hub.
  • Evaluate the capacity of the escalators, stairs and elevators in your building or station in operational mode, during evacuation or in construction phases.



Optimizing the flow is crucial both in the planning phase, design phase and when the facility is operating

  • Platform space optimization and escalator capacity analysis at Oslo Central station. Using simulations we optimized the platform space to allow for quicker boarding and better management of people on the platforms and escalators.
  • Stair and escalator capacity study and queue design in conference building B7H Aarhus. Flow simulation combined with crowd management at ticketing desks, security, wardrobe and in the corridors was used to optimize space usage and ensure a speedy and secure proces when filling and emptying the building after an event.
  • Evaluation and optimization of station design in Copenhagen metro stations. Using simulations and crowd management we adviced on how to change layout to obtain a smoother passenger flow in operation and how to achieve appropiate evacuation times at several of the busiest stations when passenger numbers increase.
  • Passenger flow optimization at underground station and on the surface at Korsvägen, Gothenburg. We optimized passenger circulation and transfer times between the trains and light rails and adviced on how to design the surface using simulations.



What we offer

  • Advice in the design- or planning phase of your station or building to ensure a smooth flow for the users.
  • Review of station and building design to ensure a satisfying flow in operational mode, in an evacuation of the facility and with social distancing.
  • Advice on crowd management to get full potential of your design or how to maintain social distancing.
  • Extensive experience in queue design and process spaces used for optimizing capacity and space around check points, ticketing etc.


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