Climate Adaptation to Sea Level Rise

Water levels from storm surges marked on a pillar in a Danish coastal city

Water levels from storm surges marked on a pillar in a Danish coastal city


Marianne B. Marcher Juhl

Head of Department
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Ramboll has identified and assessed risks and challenges facing Denmark’s coastal region from sea level rise, to provide climate adaptation solutions. 

As a result of climate change, global sea levels are rising, forcing many delta cities and coastal towns to reassess their level of coastal protection and their vulnerability to storm surges and flooding. Realdania is a modern Danish philanthropic organisation that under the initiative “Climate Adaptation in Cities” wants to utilize the need for adaptation to create diverse, exciting and resilient cities for people, by combining social, economic and environmental solutions. 

To create a knowledge base that can identify the problem area, the challenges and the opportunities in the future, such as sea level rise and storm surges, a 5-stages desk study covering the following areas of work was conducted: 

  • Extent of flooding and damages in the present and future climate for multiple scenarios towards 2100
  • Current and optimal framework conditions for coastal protection solutions in Denmark
  • Determination of the optimum level of protection through an socio-economic analysis and Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  • Technical solutions and catalogue with concrete examples of coastal protection
  • Recommendations with a prioritised action plan

The project has involved experts with international experience in climate adaptation in England, The Netherlands and The United States. These experiences have provided technical solutions and input for recommendations for coastal protection in Denmark, including organisation and implementation. 

The core outcome of the project was to devise a series of multi-functional, value adding and climate-resilient adaptation solutions, which not only protect vulnerable Danish ports and cities from climate change, but also aesthetically stimulate recreational activity, exercise, social inclusiveness and commercial growth. 

The project forms part of the basis for Realdanias future work on climate adaptation in cities, in relation to rising sea levels and storm surges. The report will, among other things, contribute to create debate on the legislation and organization of coastal protection in Denmark.

Provided services

  • Project management & strategic planning
  • Literature study on the extent of historic storm floods and the latest knowledge on climate change impact on rising sea levels, storm surges and increased flood risk. 
  • Municipalities, stakeholder & international expert engagement & collaboratio
  • Present & future sea level rise & storm surge analysis for urban/rural areas towards 2100 
  • Risk assessment of city infrastructure, floodplain maps & flood damage cost estimates
  • Socio-economic analysis & CBA to find & catalogue optimum climate-resilient adaptation measures
  • Technical solution design and description of selected adaptation options
  • Regulation, legislation, financing, planning, insurance, organization and implementation of adaptation measures
  • Recreational & social-value-enhancing urban planning
  • Sea Level Rise Climate Adaptation Report 
  • Recommendations for future frameworks and adaptation measures


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