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Camilla Wenke

Landscape architect
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The ‘Nya Krokslätt’ area in Sweden is a former factory site to be transformed into an international role model for the sustainable way of life. Our customer, the real estate manager Husvärden Ltd, has high ambitions and an interest in cultural environments and sustainable urban planning. Our ideas for creating a sustainable outdoor environment enhanced the project to include not only technical solutions for energy efficient buildings, but to encompass a complete concept for implementing blue-green infrastructure and ecosystem services in urban areas.

Our project covers the entire area of the historical Krokslätts factory and a new estate that is designed to accommodate 350 new apartments and several offices. Here, we had the opportunity to develop a comprehensive water management solution for both the existing and new development.

Slowing down and guiding storm water with vegetation

The site is situated between a mountain and a stream, so ways to slow down and lead storm water are needed. For this purpose, Ramboll is developing a concept with simple and efficient methods such as vegetation combined with ponds, streams and soak away pits as well as glazed green-blue climate zones surrounding the buildings. Vegetation in the climate zone areas surrounding the new buildings and the greenhouse (with a Mediterranean climate, only frost guard) are to delay and clean roof water and grey water.

All together, the design concept provides a multifunctional, rich urban environment for the benefit of future citizens in the area while dealing with one the challenges of our time in an innovative way.


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