Rail modernisation in Slovakia


Birte Ravn

Project Director
T: +45 5161 6226

The client was the Slovakian National Railways (ZSR). Ramboll provided contract and construction management as well as planning services to ZSR. We also provided progress reports to the EU. This was a joint venture with iC Consulenten (Austria) as lead, and Dopravoprojekt (Slovakia) as sub-consultant.

Ramboll provided consultancy services which included knowledge transfer and training. This project was managed according to FIDIC rules; therefore issues relating to the management of projects under those rules were covered. Ramboll had the position as Team Leader.

This project served to modernise the Senkvice-Cifer line; a 10 km double track railway line. There was also an upgrade of 5 stations between Bratislava Raca and Trnava.

The aim was to provide the Slovak Railways with assistance and project monitoring. Assistance was provided within contract- and construction site management, as well as reporting to the relevant EU contacts.

Furthermore, the services included interface coordination with a new electronic signalling system that was to be implemented in parallel.


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