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Ramboll Smart Mobility conducted pedestrian modelling and transport planning and design services for the new Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail (HSR) terminus in Jurong East. The HSR terminus was designed to cater for 10,000 passengers per hour per direction. The objective of the pedestrian modelling was to optimize the architectural design of the terminus and maximize space while enhancing user friendliness. Transport planning included the design of the tri-level transport hub and all pick-up and drop-off facilities for both public and private transport.  


Project Description

The governments of Singapore and Malaysia are jointly developing a high-speed rail network between Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malaysia, and the island nation of Singapore. The HSR will reduce travel time between the two cities to just 90 minutes.

The main objectives of the study were to evaluate the design of the station using pedestrian modelling software, and to design transport facilities to support the anticipated future mode share.


Our Services

Ramboll Smart Mobility has worked closely with the designer and the Authorities, including the Land Transport Authority, Immigration and Customs Authority, Ministry of Home Affairs, and the respective Malaysia entities to establish the parameters for the study. The studies conducted by Ramboll include the following.

  • Use pedestrian simulation modelling to path-find for the chosen design during a value engineering/optimization exercise
  • Develop pedestrian model of the chosen design to optimize the space
  • Optimize passenger process spaces for queueing and level of service (LOS)
  • Perform vehicle microsimulation modelling to assess the proposed design of the transport facilities
  • Generate data to demonstrate the terminus meets its KPIs
  • Scenario testing using vehicle and pedestrian microsimulation modelling to evaluate performance of the terminus during various stress conditions



The project activities resulted in a more efficient HSR terminus from a passenger and vehicular perspective. The final design accomplishes the target throughput of 10,000 passenger per hour per direction while meeting the policy service pledge of a 30-minute journey from drop-off kerb side to train.


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