Preliminary analysis of the possibilities for developing EV charging stations in Odense, Denmark


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In 2020, the City Council of Odense Municipality adopted the agreement Klimaneutral 2030, whose objective is for Odense to take the lead in the fight for climate neutrality. This places great demands on the transport area, which is expected to be the largest source of CO2 emissions by 2030. With the Green Position Agreement from December 4 and the following implementation from June 25, a significant shift towards more electric cars on the roads is expected. As a result, the need for public charging spaces will increase in the coming years. Ramboll has assisted Odense Municipality with a preliminary analysis to assess how many publicly available EV charging stations are needed in which districts.

Contextually based pre-analysis

It is important to have the geographical, infrastructural and political frameworks in mind when planning charging infrastructure. Therefore, Ramboll's work involves, among other things, uncovering the context to support the political objectives of the project. This includes a memorandum based on a scenario analysis that describes what future can be expected in the changeover of the car fleet, as well as what requirements are imposed on the charging infrastructure in Odense Municipality. In addition, we estimate how great a CO2 reduction is associated with different scenarios. This will be based on the CO2 baseline that Ramboll prepared for Odense Municipality in 2020.

The new charging infrastructure will support the changeover of the future car fleet. In the analysis work, we clarify where the Danish Charging Station Act’s (Ladestanderbekendtgørelsen) requirements for Odense Municipality as the building owner are valid as of January 1, 2025. We will likewise estimate how great the future demand for publicly available charging infrastructures will be at the district level.

Clarifying the role of Odense municipality

Another significant purpose of the preliminary analysis is to clarify what role Odense Municipality should play in the roll-out of the charging infrastructure. This has, among other things, meant a market coverage where Ramboll examined the interest in setting up charging infrastructure in Odense among charging operators and how many housing associations and companies can be expected to set up EV charging stations.

Odense Municipality will be able to use the preliminary analysis as a guideline for where there is a need for the municipality to support the roll-out of the charging infrastructure and how this can be done. Thus, the preliminary analysis will be an initial management tool in future work with the roll-out of the charging infrastructure in Odense.


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