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Electric buses, Bodø

Electric buses, Bodø



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In Norway, the municipal bus service companies are working towards a shift from diesel to electric buses. This shift would mean a reduction in CO2 emissions, noise and local pollution, as well as a reduction of operating expenses.

Ramboll has worked together with Bodø and Drammen municipalities to help study the feasibility of shifting from diesel to electric bus service.

In Bodø, we helped perform a study and used route planning tools and simulations of electric buses to advise on how to best realise the shift. Furthermore, we assisted the client in applying for government funding for investment in charging infrastructure for the electric buses.

In Drammen, we likewise used route planning tools and simulations to estimate the operational costs and capital costs of a large roll-out of electric buses. Here, we served as an advisor for Brakar, the company responsible for public transport in the area, in relation to investments in charging infrastructure.

This will help enable a faster transition to an electric model and thus have a positive impact on the level of emissions and noise in the area.

In our capacity as an expert organisation within electric infrastructure, route planning and electric bus energy consumption, we were also able to advise the municipality in applying for government funding. Drammen applied for NOK 1.8 million to facilitate the shift from diesel to electric buses.

Sustainability facts

  • Reduced CO2 emissions from public transport
  • Reduced noise
  • Reduced local pollution 
  • Lower operating expenses


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