Mobility plan for Helsingør Municipality 2015-2020

Workshop med interessenter

Workshop med interessenter


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Helle Huse

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Supporting the ability to travel from A to B in a simple and flexible manner is an essential element in Helsingør Municipality’s aims to attract and retain families and jobs. A new plan presents perspectives and 17 concrete solutions to increase mobility in Helsingør Municipality.

Working with mobility can be one of the levers to create an attractive municipality for families and businesses. That is the basic idea behind Helsingør Municipality's Mobility Plan 2015-2020.

Four focus areas and 17 concrete ideas for mobility initiative

The mobility plan documents prospects and opportunities in working with mobility in four focus areas - everyday life, cultural life, health and climate. The plan describes how sustainable and mobility smart transport solutions can help enhance coherence in everyday life for busy families, improve access to the good experiences in town and countryside and make it attractive to choose green and active means of transport.

The mobility plan also presents 17 specific proposals for mobility initiatives that each in their own way underpin the municipality’s four focus areas.

Broad cooperation on idea development and qualification

The initiatives in the plan have been developed in cooperation with representatives from Helsingør Municipality’s associations, organisations, companies, institutions and across the local administration. No fewer than 129 ideas for mobility projects were generated at the initial stakeholder workshop and then condensed into 17 mobility initiatives which create more flexibility, secure better access to town and countryside, support a green and active transport behaviour in children and young people, and display how Helsingør Municipality can lead and take its share of responsibility for ensuring sustainable and mobility smart transport habits. The selected initiatives have subsequently been discussed and qualified at a dialogue meeting with stakeholders, and they are included in the plan as concrete proposals for mobility initiatives that will contribute to everyday life, cultural life, health and climate in Helsingør Municipality.

The Mobility Plan was approved by the City Council in Helsingør Municipality April 2015.


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