Design and supervision of the Lusaka - Mongu road redevelopment


Anders Høgdal Larsen

Head of Department, Roads and Traffic, Copenhagen, Denmark
T: +45 5161 4395

The road from Lusaka to Mongu is a vital connection to the western part of Zambia as well as to the Angolan border. The redevelopment of the road has led to considerable savings in time and transport costs.

The Roads Development Agency is responsible for planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the highway/road network in Zambia.  The 600km Lusaka – Mongu road had fallen into disrepair after years of no maintenance, with most traffic taking the longer Copperbelt road instead. The shortest route had to be repaired in order to save time and transport costs, and aiding economic development in the country. 

Ramboll’s role included project preparation and design, tender services, and construction supervision for the project.  We were also responsible for technical assistance and staff training.

The project was carried out in joint venture with Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick & Co., UK, and with Brian Colquhoun (BCHOD), Zambia acting as sub-consultant.


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