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In the frame of shale gas exploration in Europe, TOTAL E&P Denmark B.V., a subsidiary of Total S.A., in association with Nordsøfonden, the Danish State Oil and Gas Company, obtained two licenses in 2010 to explore possible shale gas reserves in Denmark, one in North Jutland and one in North Sealand. Being the first licenses of its kind in Denmark, the project has attracted substantial attention due to the implied environmental risks associated with this type of  exploration, not least in relation to groundwater protection.

Denmark needs to find new oil and gas reserves within the next decade in order to maintain its energy self-sufficiency. Exploration for natural gas in shale formations - referred to as shale gas - may be the starting point of a new major Danish energy resource development.

Joint activities

As part of this development, the Danish State - through the licenses granted to Nordsøfonden and Total E&P Denmark B.V. - has started joint activities to investigate whether natural gas is present in shale formations onshore in Denmark and whether it can be produced in an environmentally and commercially acceptable manner.

Ramboll was awarded the assignment to carry out environmental and social studies for the exploration drilling and subsequent production test applying hydraulic fracturing planned in the North Jutland License area (Vendsyssel).

The studies comprise an Environmental and Social Baseline Study covering the entire license with an area of 2,300 km2, field surveys and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the identified drilling site as well as assistance for an exploration drilling permit application.

Solid reputation

Ramboll's strength in relation to the special challenges offered by this ground-breaking project is that we can offer Total our solid reputation as unbiased local consultants with global knowledge. Both in relation to the environmental studies and in social relations (participation in public and stakeholder meetings etc), Ramboll adds value to the project through our good standing as professional and independent local consultants.

Ramboll was invited by Total to participate in this study after having carried out a stakeholder mapping study relating to the exploration license for Total in 2011.


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