Development of a strategic master plan for the Emirate of Fujairah

Fujairah skyline

Fujairah skyline

This master plan will provide the vision and framework for economic, social and government based projects over the next 30 years.

The creation of the Fujairah Strategic Masterplan Project is an initiative of the Government of Fujairah and will set a framework for the growth and development of the Emirate of Fujairah until 2040.

Plan for growth

The client initiated the project just as the Emirate of Fujairah was facing an unprecedented level of growth, against a backdrop of geopolitical interest in the region and a growing role as a key member of the UAE. Fujairah, not unlike most regions of the world, needs to plan for growth against a backdrop of existing and emerging issues such as regional security, geopolitical pressures and opportunities, high growth rates, climate change, environmental considerations and employment generation.

Ramboll’s role is to develop an innovative and implementable Strategic Masterplan. This involves the development of a comprehensive planning framework for the development of Fujairah that includes a suite of planning based tools setting out the parameters for growth and development at the regional, urban settlement and rural scales.

A government initiative

The Fujairah Strategic Master Plan is a timely and astute Government initiative that will allow Fujairah to build, navigate and be proactive in its own future and respond to emerging issues from a holistic and informed position.

The Ramboll Fujairah Project Team is located within the Fujairah Municipality office, working side by side with the client project team. This has been instrumental in forming an understanding of the client vision, gaining client trust and ensuring that we understand the client's particular project needs and work with them as one team.

Community consulting approach

One of the factors in winning the project was the community consulting approach of Ramboll and our ability to meet all technical needs of Fujairah for this and other potential downstream projects under one roof. Our delivery solution incorporates participation by senior Ramboll experts from across the world for high-level added value input to the project, and provides the Client with a range of specialist technical expertise if required.

In addition to Ramboll Middle East, Ramboll in UK, Denmark and Finland, as well as our Oil & Gas and Management Consultancy businesses will be involved with the project.


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