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The Ådalsbanan Railroad runs along the coastside in the north of Sweden and is the link between Botniabanan and Ostkustbanan. It consist of 180 km railroad, 14 bridges and 14 km rock tunnels. The stretch goes between Sundsvall and Nyland. 

Ådalsbanan, Ostkustbanan and Botniabanan form a railway for fast, secure and environmentally friendly transports. The railway can change the way transport goods are transported, from car and boat transports to railway transports. The client Trafikverket is building for future needs. The traffic-system ERTMS is applied on the track, and moreover the railway will be able to manage trains with 25 tons load per axle and a total weight of 1400 tons.

Ramboll has undertaken comprise establishment of complete documentation for the railroad administration, tender and construction for a major part of Ådalsbanan. Ramboll's lot includes six railroad tunnels, 3.5, 1.6, 4.5, 0.8, 0.2 and 0.2 km long, three parallel service tunnels. The design work comprises location and design of tunnels based on geological, geophysical and hydrogeological survey.

Services we provided: 

- Sampling and testing of rock for ballast  
- Evaluation and location of the line
- Design of tunnel geometry 
- Design of tunnel reinforcement 
- Development of tunneling method
- Tendering
- Project follow-up
- Design group management
- As-built-documentation


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