Ramboll secures four lots on Network Rail’s Design Services Framework

14 January 2020
Ramboll is delighted to be supporting Network Rail through Control Period 6 after securing the maximum number of lots awarded to suppliers on the single discipline frameworks.
Strengthening works. Bermondsey Dive Under, London UK. Photo credit Adrian Shawcross, Ramboll

Strengthening works. Bermondsey Dive Under, London UK. Photo credit Adrian Shawcross, Ramboll


Dan Harvey portrait

Dan Harvey

Executive Director, UK Transport
T: +44 20 7631 5291
Ramboll. Alan Pauling.

Alan Pauling

Head of Rail UK
T: +44 7946 486 001
Steven Brown. Ramboll

Steve Brown

UK Market Director, Rail
T: +44 7799 864 156

Ramboll will be providing Geotechnical services into the North East, South East and South West regions, and Building and Architecture services into the North East.

Network Rail announced the award of 78 framework contracts worth £400m for Control Period 6, with an additional £640m of funding available if frameworks are extended into Control Period 7. The contracts for this 5-year Design Services Framework went live from 1st January 2020.

Dan Harvey, UK Transport Director, commented, “I am very happy to have been awarded the maximum number of lots permitted, something only two other organisations achieved in the single discipline frameworks. I was also very pleased to see Ramboll scoring so highly against both quality and commercial criteria across the various signalling and building packages, where we were consistently in the top three. I feel our strength in areas such as digital design, offsite construction and collaborative working shone through.”

We are very much looking forward to working with Network Rail and engaging the supply chain on the lots they appointed us to and will be sharply focussed on developing innovative approaches to maximise the outcomes and value for all.”

Daljinder Chatta, Commercial Director at Network Rail, said: “Network Rail will have greater access to a design support network providing mutual benefits to both Network Rail and the supply chain. Some of these include working more directly with suppliers, improved assurance, getting closer to experts, improved business and safety performance and enabling innovation to thrive.”


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