Free training app 'Prevent Infection' launched to help businesses prepare employees returning to offices

8 June 2020
As the UK Covid-19 lockdown restrictions begin to ease, Ramboll has launched a new, free interactive training app to help businesses prepare and support employees returning to the office, while effectively reducing the risk of infection.
App to train prevention of infection in offices

App to train prevention of infection in offices

Philippa Spence

Environment & Health UK Managing Principal
T: +44 20 7631 5291
M: +44 7583 088 986

Sue Bullock

T: +44 1132 457 552
Ole Dau Mortensen

Ole Dau Mortensen

Senior Sustainability Consultant
M: +45 51 61 25 48

The app, ‘Prevent infection – Offices’, directs employees through typical everyday office situations where there might be a risk of infection, and provides clear training in how to effectively reduce this risk – whether in lifts, shared facilities or on the commute.

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In a recent poll of 1,000 working adults, conducted by YouGov for the CIPD, 44 per cent reported feeling anxious about the prospect of going back to work because of the health risks posed by Covid-19 to them and those close to them. As employers put in place measures to manage the risk of Covid-19 for their staff, communicating protocols effectively will be an important part of helping staff feel as safe as possible.

As well as implementing the training app for all those of its own staff who have requested a return to the office, Ramboll has produced a free version of the app that will be made available to other businesses. It provides user-friendly, authentic plug and play training that can be integrated into internal learning systems. The app has been produced by Ramboll's developers and health scientists for use in seven countries and is being adapted to others following strong interest. It is also simple to scale and tailor to other environments such as industrial premises, schools, hotels and restaurants for example.

Philippa Spence, Managing Director for Ramboll’s Environment and Health business, says “In these unprecedented times, where many businesses are facing similar challenges and having to rapidly make changes to accommodate new business practices, we hope that by launching this free training app we can help other businesses communicate safe working practices for their employees returning to an office-based workplace. 

It’s natural that people will be feeling anxious about returning to the office and it will take time for people to adjust to new procedures to manage the spread of infection, which is where the app can provide essential guidance and reassurance. 

This tool is one of several services we are providing to help industry return to work safely, and we are delighted to be able to provide a resource that may be of use to companies of all shapes and sizes”. 

The app provides:

  • A user-friendly plug and play training aid
  • An effective 3D interactive tool that improves training outcomes when compared to issuing written checklists and documentation 
  • The option of being integrated into an internal learning system for a small cost (although some clients can manage this independently)

If you would like to use the app, you do not need to make a specific request and we not expect further feedback from clients wanting to use our free app. We are developing personalised versions of the app for individual organisations who want to use it for training purposes. To enquire about this service, contact: Ole Dau Mortensen or Sue Bullock  

The app ’Prevent infection – Offices’ is on the webapp in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

The app is also available as a free download in Google Play and will shortly be available in the App Store. Instructions in the app are in accordance with UK Government guidance and will be updated as this evolves.

Join our webinar

Thursday 18th June 11am BST. Register

Ramboll is hosting a webinar for anyone who wants to find out more about the interactive training app and how other companies are preparing to return to work. We will explain how to use the new app and how it can be adapted to suit the needs of individual organisations. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback to the developers. 


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