Train station deep inside a mountain

1 December 2016

Hundreds had gathered to welcome the first train arriving on the new Holmestrand station, located deep inside a Norwegian mountain.

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Sture Solum Andersen

Sture Solum Andersen

Project Manager
T: +47 93097508

The station had its official opening on 28 November 2016.

- When you’ve worked on a project for this long it’s incredibly fun to see the finished result, says Rambølls project leader Sture Solum Andersen.

Rambøll has been the consultant for all the building services of the gigantic mountain hall where the station is located. Andersen and his team have been working on the massive project for Jernbaneverket for six years, along with partners like the architect and subconsultant Gottlieb Paludan Architects.

A unique mountain hall

With a size of 130 000 cubic meters the mountain hall is one of the world’s largest. The station is reached through a 70 meters high elevator, and has four tracks. Two of the tracks are by the platforms, while the two in the middle are for passing high speed trains, going in up to 250 kilometers per hour.

One of the biggest challenges for the consultants was to calculate how to cover the ceiling of the hall with 1 000 tons of steel, to keep in place noise reducing plates and withstand the air pressure from the high speed trains.

Important for the local community

About 90 percent of the population of Holmestrand lives on top of the mountain, into which the station has been built. The station is very important to the city infrastructure, and will connect rail, bus, car traffic, bikers and pedestrians. The locals are also happy to see the station moved from the city center. This opens a large central area, close to the waterfront, to further developments.

Facts about Holmestrand station

  • Holmestrand station is an important stop on the rail line connecting Oslo to the southern part of Norway.

  • The station is part of a new double track between Holm and Nykirke. The new tracks are 14,3 kilometers long, of which more than 12 kilometers pass through tunnels.

  • The mountain hall is 870 meters long, 35 meters wide and 18 meters high.

  • The station has had unique challenges with regards to acoustics and air, due to high air pressure from the high speed trains passing through the tunnel and hall.


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