Sustainable development across the mining value chain

20 December 2022
In a recently published article, Ramboll’s mining sector lead Steven F. Fecht contributes to a discussion on how the minerals industry plays a role in sustainable development worldwide.


Steven F. Fecht

Steven F. Fecht

Senior Managing Consultant – Mining Sector Lead, Sustainable Development Consultant
T: +1 978 732 4223

Metals processing and mining are important industries when it comes to decarbonization and powering the global green energy transition. 

“As the world shifts to recognizing the increase in raw materials necessary to supply the future needs of renewable energy, global infrastructure requirements and efforts toward poverty alleviation, the delicate balance of increased extractive activities with stakeholders, net-zero strategies and environmental equity is increasingly critical. 

Sustainable development in the mining industry today thus includes all aspects of materials discovery, sourcing, extraction, and supply for the needs of present and future generations,” say the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration’s (SME) Sustainable Development Committee in a recently published article in the magazine Mining Engineering.

In the article, Sustainable development across the minerals and metals value chain, the committee — including Ramboll’s mining sector lead and sustainable development consultant Steven Fecht — discuss what a sustainable transformation means for the industry, the challenges ahead, and the opportunities for innovation.

The authors highlight how sustainable initiatives span the industry and are the drivers for incremental industry improvements, from ore discovery to mine closure. And as many topics of sustainability can be seen across the industry (i.e., energy consumption and GHG emissions, water and land use, health and safety, environmental impacts and community engagement), they also analyze the role of various fields in the shift toward a sustainable future, including:

  • Exploration and discovery
  • Mineral processing
  • Extractive metallurgy
  • Tailings management
  • Renewable-energy integration
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors
  • Community engagement and development


Ramboll’s services for the mining industry

For more than 30 years, Ramboll has been helping global mining clients address their most demanding environmental and social challenges. Our experts are at the forefront of supporting the mine lifecycle – from pre-acquisition and permitting to operation, closure and post-closure.

Connect with us at the upcoming SME Annual Conference & Expo in Denver

Our experts will be attending the MINEXCHANGE 2023 SME Annual Conference & Expo in Denver, Colorado, February 26–March 1, 2023. The annual conference for the mining industry provides insights from around the world and initiatives for a sustainable future.

For any questions or to schedule a time to connect with one of our experts at the conference, please contact Steven Fecht.


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