Public-sector wastewater

Ramboll has more than 75 years of experience providing public-sector wastewater management and treatment solutions in the Americas. Our clients include water and wastewater utilities, governments, local and regional authorities, developers and construction companies, as well as industrial companies and international political and financial institutions. 
Public-sector wastewater

Public-sector wastewater

Working together with our clients, we deliver a wide range of water and wastewater consulting, engineering and construction-related services starting with early phase strategic analyses and project planning through design and implementation of infrastructure solutions. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Integrated, sustainable water management, an approach often referred to as “one water”
  • Nutrient removal and resource recovery
  • Operations consulting and troubleshooting
  • Process control and control systems integration
  • Wet weather management and treatment
  • Waste-to-energy, co-digestion and energy optimization
  • Emerging contaminants investigation, management and treatability
  • Recycle / reuse
  • Digital tools and innovations

Wastewater treatment

Ensuring the quality of water requires a constant focus on wastewater discharge and well-functioning wastewater treatment plants.

We provide focused and comprehensive services for wastewater treatment and facilities. These services include solutions associated with enhanced nutrient removal; advanced wastewater treatment and biosolids management; wet weather management; asset renewal; expert consulting on the latest treatment technologies and techniques and regulatory developments (e.g., emerging contaminants including PFAS); and overall master planning.

Our key expertise covers treatment process modeling (e.g., GPS-X, BioWin, PetWin, Sumo), preliminary engineering, and layout and detailed design within biological, chemical and physical wastewater treatment plant process design. We can provide both new facilities and plant modernization in areas such as nutrient removal and tertiary treatment; sludge treatment; anaerobic digestion including co-digestion and waste-to-energy; sustainable sludge disposal; and air emissions management including odor control and air dispersion modeling and emissions modeling (e.g., ToxChem). 

We advise and assist clients on a global scale with all aspects of water and wastewater treatment, including non-domestic (commercial and industrial) wastewater, landfill leachates and program management, as well as assistance with operations & maintenance (O&M). Our technical services also provide for cost-effective and sustainable design and operation of treatment systems in the face of increasingly stringent external and internal performance expectations.

As sustainability is increasingly part of designing wastewater treatment systems of the future, we leverage our global network of experts and experiences in the latest developments, waste-to-energy and resource recovery from early adopter markets.

Process technology & control systems implementation

We offer comprehensive bench-scale, pilot-scale and full-scale investigations to select the most appropriate water and wastewater treatment technologies. Our approach combines master planning, source control and technology evaluation and selection to generate the most cost-effective process design for a specific application. 

In addition, Ramboll operates a fabrication facility that manufactures equipment, tankage, packaged treatment systems and pilots for clients. We also perform control systems integration, SCADA programming and other instrumentation and control engineering, including the control panel fabrication for self-performed installation projects.

Sludge treatment, handling organic waste and reducing emissions and pollution 

Ramboll is among the forerunners within sludge and organic waste treatment. We can advise on how to use organic matter to produce biogas and thus reduce climate gas emissions, and how to reduce odor and pollution in matter. By combining this expertise within our wastewater, energy and polluted soil and groundwater services, we provide a complete solution for clients. 

Program management

Ramboll provides program management and construction inspection services for our clients, including major utilities across the US. Our experts help our clients to plan, manage, design and implement various aspects of their water and wastewater systems, as well as respond to operational emergencies. For the public-sector, these program management services include owner’s agent for collaborative delivery (design-build) projects and third-party construction management.

Operations & maintenance 

We provide operations consulting that encompasses operability, training, startup and commissioning, troubleshooting and on-call assistance. Our solutions provide reliable operation and systematic maintenance backed by world-class technical expertise – reducing risk and assuring clients that their facilities are running properly and efficiently so they can focus on their core business. We contract operate private and industrial wastewater treatment systems as well as have public-sector licensed operators and laboratory technicians available for public-sector consultation, troubleshooting and performance optimization. Our constructors can complete small capital upgrades and installations to facilitate performance improvements.

Our in-house resources make up an operations team of trained, licensed operators and project managers, a dedicated maintenance team of specialized engineers, and a skilled technical support team of wastewater treatment experts and certified laboratory professionals with experience operating environmental and industrial treatment facilities. This expertise extends to bench- and pilot-scale testing and evaluations before full-scale changes are employed. Combined, our teams provide quality, safe and sustainable O&M services and assistance tailored to client needs.

Some of our innovations in O&M include Ramboll’s Process Control Monitoring System™ (PCM) and Opseyes digital solutions to monitor, manage, collaborate and optimize performance.


Spotsylvania County wastewater management

Comprehensive wastewater management program is meeting needs of a growing community and stricter treatment requirements

For over two decades, Ramboll has been a partner to Spotsylvania County in implementing cost-effective solutions to optimize operations and improve quality of water for the community.

US Military Academy at West Point, New York

Wastewater treatment upgrades at West Point to meet future needs and net-zero energy goals

Ramboll developed sustainable solutions for the US Military Academy at West Point, collaborating with the owner / operator and its contractor for the first phase of design through construction.


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