Erin Tesch to head Ramboll’s Health Sciences services in the US Environment & Health market

1 February 2022
Ramboll Environment & Health is a global company with 2,400 experts delivering sustainable solutions that are protective of human health and the environment. Meet Erin Tesch, our newly appointed Health Sciences Director in the Americas.
Erin Tesch

Erin Tesch


Steve Washburn

Steve Washburn

Senior Advisor
T: +1 (510) 655 7400
Martina Vosteen

Dr. Martina Vosteen

Global Division Director - Health Sciences
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Erin Tesch

Director Health Sciences, Americas
T: +1 202 203 0082

Erin Tesch comes from a position as Managing Director for TSG Consulting in the Americas. 

What does your new role as Director for Health Sciences in Ramboll in the Americas entail?

I’m based in Washington DC, where I have been working for over 25 years. This base has provided me with important access to federal regulators at USEPA and USFDA. In my role as Director of Health Sciences for the Americas I will be leading and serving a large team of experts across North America. I look forward to leading this unique group of people and to provide relevant science – and risk-based advice to clients around the world.

What is your background and experience?

I generally consider myself a regulatory nerd that loves to solve problems. I have worked in the professional services field my entire career including at law firms, large engineering firms and most recently a smaller boutique consulting firm. My main focus has been on novel antimicrobial/biocidal products that are used across many market sectors including consumer, industrial and medical. I have managed several chemical consortiums and advocated on behalf of the consortiums as well as individual clients. I’ve also been an active member of trade associations that represent my clients in the US and Canada.     

What are some emerging health science issues that you find most intriguing?

Assisting companies in navigating the complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape for pesticidal products has been one of my passions for over 20 years. As companies develop novel technologies the regulatory framework cannot keep up with these emerging technologies. I really enjoy working closely with regulators and clients to establish a pathway to market and assisting clients through the regulatory and technical journey.   

How do you see the intersection between health sciences and sustainability?

Over the last several years I have worked with many clients that seek to develop chemical products that are considered “lower risk”. It is a very important movement and I applaud companies moving in that direction. However, I find clients may not fully evaluate how this change will impact sustainability, for example, consideration should be given if the new lower risk chemical product requires three times the amount of the original chemical to have the same efficacy and what impact this has on human health and the environment.  

What attracted you to Ramboll?  

Ramboll has significant depth in terms of experts across a wide variety of disciplines and an expansive geographic footprint. It is exciting to be part of a large organization where I can learn from my diverse colleagues around the globe and help grow our service offerings. 


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