Ramboll discusses advanced climate modeling with National Public Radio

11 November 2019
Ramboll’s HazAtlas modeling tool helps companies prepare for future climate change events.

Every day, more companies worry about the risks of climate change to their business, including the vulnerability of their facilities and assets to future climate change impacts. At the same time, it can be difficult to get useful, actionable information to prepare for those events.

Experts at Ramboll are building a digital tool, named HazAtlas, that makes it easier for clients to determine which of their sites will be exposed to climate hazards and what the associated financial risk is. With the tool’s interactive dashboard, multiple climate scenarios can be seen, and different sites compared by level of risk to help avoid future losses from climate change.

Ramboll experts Sue Kemball-Cook, Kaity Lieschke and Ross Beardsley, who helped to create HazAtlas, recently talked with NPR about the tool and how advanced climate models can help companies evaluate and mitigate risks. Sue explained that with HazAtlas, information can be boiled down to estimate particular risks in particular places like the risk of flooding at a specific shipping terminal or the likelihood that a specific farm will have trouble with water availability.

"It's really easy to make the point that as our climate changes, we're getting increased damages from events like flooding and wildfire," Kaity added. "This tool helps people prepare for that future."

Read the full NPR article here.


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