Ramboll is a leader in innovation. From our internal accelerator program that empowers employees to realize their most creative ideas, to our premier digital solutions for sustainable, cost-effective project delivery, we offer a truly innovative advantage.

We are transforming the way we work, collaborating through digitalization and developing our advisory and business offerings through digitally enabled services focusing on growth and value for our clients.

From artificial intelligence that creates solutions from remote sensing data, to hyperlocal air quality modeling, to tackling emerging contaminants, major Ramboll innovations have been born out of the Americas.


Galago helps clients manage their land with technology utilizing drones, satellites and artificial intelligence. Traditional environmental monitoring requires time-consuming, expensive and manual data collection that often results in an incomplete picture. Galago improves the process by providing site-wide understanding through the use of image analytics and machine learning, enabling clients to make better-informed decisions, stretching dollars further, and making our clients more efficient and effective with their time. Visit Galago to learn more about how you can work with the team to protect your land, your company and the environment.

Learn more at galago.ai.


Requiring only a smartphone, opseyes’ patent-pending technology allows wastewater treatment plants to instantly check plant conditions and get expert recommendations to remedy potential concerns. Having diagnostics in hand in just minutes means plant managers and operators are able to quickly remedy threats of contamination and avoid downtime.

Learn more at opseyes.com.


The current tools used to monitor and track harmful algal blooms (HABs) in waterways heavily rely on satellite remote sensing. However, due to cloud cover, coarse spatial and temporal resolution, and steep development costs, satellite use for HAB monitoring can be flawed. BloomOptix is using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for high-resolution HAB monitoring and imaging. BloomOptix currently employs multispectral and hyperspectral imaging to survey lake surfaces for HAB occurrence, intensity, sediment plume monitoring, and combines spectral data with UAS-collected water sample analysis.

Learn more at bloomoptix.com.


Harnessing Ramboll’s huge pool of knowledge and expertise, Shair brings together unique models to richly visualize air quality insight from a multitude of sources. Our mission is to create an accessible 21st century platform bringing every aspect of air quality together in real time, informing decision makers to enable them to take effective action faster, and allowing people from every walk of life to ask questions and find answers on air quality.

Learn more at ramboll-shair.com.

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Head of Digitalization & Innovation

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