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Niels Ringe

M.Sc., civil and structural eng., Senior engineer

T: +45 5161 8334

“"At Ramboll Oil & Gas we consider the gas storage project in Georgia to be very important for the region and we look forward to solving the design challenges that follow a project of this magnitude."”

Mr. Niels Ringe has extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry from his more than 20 years in the field. Today he is Project Director of Ramboll’s major international gas projects. 

Niels has huge knowledge about the international oil and gas industry. Apart from the technical side of oil and gas installations, Niels is very experienced in energy legislation, principles and procedures for regulation of the gas market, pricing and tariff methodologies and implementation of Network/Grid Codes and TPA. This also includes implementation of EU’s Energy Directives for the development of a liberalised internal energy market.

In addition to his extensive work in European countries, Niels has worked with governmental organisations, institutional banks and the private sector in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. As a result of his extensive international experience, he is very skilled in managing internationally composed teams and in cooperation with ministries, public authorities, business associations and companies.


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