Kristoffer Bergholt

Kristoffer Bergholt

Head of Department, Offshore Pipelines


“Kristoffer has a background as M.Sc. in Engineering Design and Applied Mechanics. He is passionate about volleyball and actually played for the Danish National Team for five years. These days Kristoffer spends most of his free time with his wife and three boys aged 3, 7 and 9.”

The opportunity to work with outstanding experts

Kristoffer Bergholt works as project manager and team leader in the Pipelines and Subsea department at Ramboll Oil & Gas in Copenhagen.

Designing a record-breaking subsea pipeline

Kristoffer is currently Engineering Manager for the Polarled Pipeline project; a record-breaking, 481 km subsea pipeline crossing the Arctic circle. In addition he acts as Team Leader in the department for Subsea and Pipelines. It is the first time Kristoffer has this double role and it has given him a new level of multidisciplinary insight as well as developed his managerial skills.

I have learned to trust my own judgement

“I have really learned to trust myself and make decisions early in the project. Because the scope of the project is so great and the schedule so tight, we have to develop processes that help us do things fast and in a simple manner. In addition we have to align our progress with the other disciplines involved, which poses an immensely interesting professional challenge, Kristoffer tells.”

I am the link between Ramboll and the client

Kristoffer is one of the central figures in the project coordination between Ramboll and Statoil, who is the developer of the sophisticated Polarled Pipeline project. 

“It is very rewarding and at the same time very challenging to work so closely with Statoil’s own specialists, which provides a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge with the most outstanding experts within this field,” he ends.

Recent projects

Polarled: Record-breaking subsea pipeline crosses the Arctic Circle

The Polarled pipeline project is part of the plans for developing fields further north in the Norwegian Sea.  

Feasibility study for artificial islands in Zakum oil field

Ramboll oil and gas experts studied the possible effects on the environment and existing structures as a result of introducing artificial islands to be used as the centre for future drilling and oil production in the Upper Zakum oil field off the coast of Abu Dhabi.


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