Martin Haaning


T: +45 5161 7842

As country Director for the Rambøll department Social and Economic Impacts, Martin has a comprehensive knowledge on public sector development. Martin’s expertise includes in particular strategic and organizational development, performance leadership and evaluations, as well as securing the interface between analysis and implementation.

Martin typically assists ministries, agencies and municipalities with larger analysis, evaluation and implementation projects. In addition, he can be helpful in connection with development projects and with cooperation between public and private actors, including development of business models.

Martin’s area of expertise includes:

  • Social and economic impact assessment
  • Performance management and data informed improvements
  • Organisational analysis
  • Strategy development and facilitation
  • Implementation and transformation services

Martin has several years of managerial experience, including board membership, and holds considerable knowledge on the leadership challenges arising from the different kinds of transformation processes related to his areas of expertise.



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