Carsten Sørensen

Executive Director

T: +45 5161 7815

As Executive Director and Director of Ramboll's Stakeholder Intelligence Department for more than 10 years, Carsten Sørensen has extensive experience with creating value for the client by collecting and using of strategic information about the clients, employees, management, users, members, stakeholders etc. Furthermore, Carsten is among other things author of a book about “Result-oriented Employee Surveys”.

Carsten Sørensen is often involved in projects in which he cooperates with top management of the client’s organisation.

Carsten Sørensen’s expertise include:

  • Data driven strategy development and organizational implementation
  • Modeling of measurement systems and dashboards for follow-up on key KPI’s
  • Management quality, employee engagement and coherence with organizational success.
  • Data collection and statistical analysis



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