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Welcome to our recent joiner

We are pleased to welcome Karolina Wrona who has joined our Social & Economic Impacts team in Brussels. Karolina has a Master of Science degree in Economics followed by a PhD in Politics and International Relations. With over a decade of experience in European affairs and analysis, she is now ready to use her competencies at Ramboll.

What do you work with?

My work focuses on evaluation of public policies for pan-European clients, such as the European Commission, European Parliament, the European Free Trade Association, the World Bank and the like.  I am working across two sub-groups in our Brussels team: Sustainability and Welfare, and I also focus on the horizontal topics of Infrastructure and Growth - meaning evaluation in the areas of regional development, transport and mobility, and maritime affairs and fisheries.

What made you want to join Ramboll Management Consulting?

I have been working in the area of European affairs and analysis for over a decade now. Ramboll’s presence in Brussels, being this physically close to the beating pulse of Europe and within walking distance to the European Commission was really important for me and one of the most significant pull factors. It makes us able to have face to face, out-of-project-schedule meetings with the clients, regarding any needs or acute issues they are facing; this is something that simply cannot be done over email or Skype from halfway around the continent! And it definitely distinguishes Ramboll from many of the other companies working in the same field.

Also, Ramboll has been a project partner in my work in the past, and I knew it had a very good reputation among both, partners and clients. It’s always nice to join a well-regarded team.

What is the most significant professional experience you have had so far?

Being invited as one of the key-note speakers at the annual European Public Communication Conference organized by the European Committee of the Regions, which is the largest event on public communication in the EU. This built on my previous work in evaluating public communication policies. There were over 1,000 communication professionals from all the EU Member States and beyond and it was great to share my views and listen to theirs.

Meet Karolina Wrona

Meet Karolina Wrona, who is joining our Social & Economic Impacts team in Brussels.

How do you define the higher purpose of what you do?

With the rise of Euro-skepticism and nationalist movements all over the EU, it is becoming ever more important for the European Commission to be able to demonstrate its accountability and that various EU policies have concrete impacts and results. The evaluation work I am doing contributes to achieving exactly that – it also allows the European Commission the feedback loop back from the recipients of the policies. This in turn leads to improved policy-making, and then, the improved policies influence so many areas of everyone’s life, very often without us even noticing it. 

So, in short, I like to think that on one hand I’m contributing to people’s greater understanding and appreciation of the EU and what it does, and on the other, helping the EU produce better policies for its citizens.

At my desk I always have…?

I like to keep my desk completely cleared at the end of each day, and fairly uncluttered throughout. But there is always a cup of tea. Last time I counted, I realised I go through at least 5 cups a day (I blame that on close to a decade of living in the UK).

Facts about our recent joiner

Dr Karolina Wrona
Senior Consultant
Email: kwron@ramboll.com

MSc Economics from University of Lublin, followed by a PhD in Politics and International Relations, specialization: European studies from Aston University, Birmingham, UK.

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