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Welcome to our recent joiner

This month we welcome Cathrine West who has joined our Business Technology & Digitalisation team in Olso, Norway. Cathrine has a Master of Science degree in Comparative Politics from London School of Economics and Political Science and has worked with IT Service Management for the past 20 years.

What do you work with?

I will work with process optimization and operationalization of digital strategy - at least to begin with. There are so many exiting areas we work with here at Ramboll Management Consulting that I would love to learn more about!

Right now, I am helping a customer to implement their process improvement framework by creating and holding a course for the process managers in the organization.

What made you want to join Ramboll Management Consulting?

For the past 20 years, I’ve worked with IT Service Management both as a consultant and an employee in different sectors with a focus on how IT can provide value to the rest of the organization. Having worked with IT service providers for this long, I wanted to make a shift to work with the users of the IT services and to help them with gaining insight in how they, and society in general, could achieve value from digitalization.

One decisive factors of choosing to work for Ramboll was when I got to know about the report “IT i Praksis”, which is an annual report that Business & Technology Digitalisation publishes, and presents to the Norwegian government that looks at Norwegian organisations’ effects and challenges of using information technology. Being a part of my team enables me to combine my experience with IT with my interest for societal issues and challenges. It’s great! 

What is the most significant professional experience you have had so far?

I can tell you about a non-professional experience; the morning on the first day I joined, all employees of Ramboll Management Consulting Norway were waiting for my arrival in the common area to greet me, and an orchid was waiting at my desk. It all made me feel really welcome. The initial feeling of being welcome and accepted has not left me, it’s truly nice bunch of people!

What are the most exciting development within your field of work?

It is quite a few things, but it really boils down to the acknowledgement that IT can contribute to mitigate some of the challenges we see rising globally regarding trends like climate changes, urbanisation and an aging population. This is affecting how government and organizations see IT, not just as a cost in their budget, but as a key enabler to societal change. It’s very exciting times, and I feel we here in Management Consulting are in a good position to take part!

Meet Cathrine West, who is joining our Business Technology & Digitalisation team in Oslo.

How are you planning on bringing this to our clients?

I believe that my understanding of the IT area specifically and processes in general, combined with my analytical skills and education is a good combination both to understand our customers but also providing them with valuable insight into how IT can help resolve some of their challenges.

How do you define the higher purpose of what you do?

Helping the world to become a better and more digital place to live!

What is your best source of inspiration?

Well, recently it has been “IT i Praksis”. It made me truly see that there is a need for the competencies that I inhibit, and that I can provide value where it matters. 

At my desk I always have…?

A cup of (cold) coffee! And now also my orchid.

Facts about our recent joiner

Cathrine West
Senior Consultant

Joining from Norway’s Bank Investment Management (“The Norwegian Oil fund”)

MSc in Comparative Politics from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

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