Power generation

Global power demand is rising as societies develop, and at the same time climate change impacts must be reduced. 

Avedøre power plant, Copenhagen, Denmark

Renewable power generation with high flexibility

The Avedøre power plant is designed to provide reliable, flexible and dispatchable energy based on multiple, primarily renewable, fuel sources with wood pellets as its primary fuel. Explore the project here. 

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Avedøre Power  Plant

Greening energy plants

Heat and power plants are being converted from coal to biomass, especially in Northern Europe. However, going green also poses its challenges.

Lynemouth power plant

Ramboll secures major role on Lynemouth Power Station coal to biomass conversion

30 June 2016

Ramboll has been appointed to provide engineering consultancy services to the proposed conversion of Lynemouth Power Station from coal to biomass. The converted plant will export around 390MW of low carbon electricity to the national grid.

Power generation at a glance

Ramboll’s 200 power engineering specialist, supported by some 1500 other staff working on energy projects, offer independent expert advice on all aspects of power projects globally. 

90 power plants

We have designed and constructed more than 90 major power plants

50 % of all full biomass conversions in the world

We have been instrumental in the ongoing conversion of power plants to biomass. Our biomass conversion projects help save 13 million tonnes of CO2 annually, corresponding to the annual carbon emission of 3.5 million cars

47 % power efficiency

We have designed some of the most energy-efficient plants in the world, including the record-breaking Nordjylland Power Plant Unit 3 (USC) in Denmark



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