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Successful capital equipment projects show a return on investment in the shortest timeframe possible. Yet many procurement processes are designed to measure success based on a demonstration of functionality like a site acceptance test instead of performance. And in many instances, the time is takes to get from site acceptance to realizing payback can take months or longer because of the additional effort required of operating professionals, who may be unfamiliar with the new equipment or supplier, to integrate new capabilities into existing factories.

Ramboll offers a sounder approach, engaging suppliers through a comprehensive commissioning process that demonstrates performance that impacts the bottom line. 

Our team of commissioning experts has as much knowledge of processes, quality assurance, information systems, maintenance and training as they do equipment. By working closely and on-site with factory personnel in both operations and support functions, we help our clients to eliminate obstacles to performance by going beyond functional capabilities and driving our teams to the same operating metrics as our clients.

As part of our commissioning projects, we can deliver:

  • Endurance runs
  • Operator and maintenance team training
  • Operating manuals
  • Work instructions
  • Autonomous maintenance (total productive maintenance) instructions
  • Alarm response methods
  • Standard work processes
  • Data analytics
  • Overall equipment efficiency (OEE) measurement and reports


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